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The insurance company has professionals representing their interest AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!

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Ace Claims Adjusters are experienced in dealing with the insurance companies in presenting your property damage claim. We will gather the necessary documentation and evidence to ensure that your amount of recovery is the maximum so as to execute the necessary repairs to your business. If you experienced damage to your commercial property in Broward, West Palm Beach, Miami OR ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA, then call us today for a free consultation:


How It Works

  • You call us at 1800-815-2110
  • We estimate the loss and give you options on how to proceed
  • If you want to file a claim we sign a retainer agreement
  • We submit a claim on your behalf and work to get you the maximum recovery
  • You decide how much to accept and when to settle
  • When you recover from the insurance company, you pay Ace Claims Adjusters a percentage of the amount you actually receive
  • If the insurance company doesn’t pay you, you don’t pay us!

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