When you or your property suffer a loss you need to ensure that your interests and your rights are protected.  Your insurance company will try to help you, but their main objective is to protect themselves.  

For this reason you need to call someone that is licensed by the state to help and protect YOU the policyholder.

​Call Ace Claims Adjusters, your neighborhood adjusters.


We are professionals licensed and regulated by the State of Florida for the sole purpose of representing property owners and policyholders in order to defend and protect their rights against the insurance companies. 

If you don’t call a professional to help you in the process of filing an insurance claim, then how do you know if the insurance company treated you fairly?  How do you know if you received all the money that you are entitled to receive?  Even if you are not sure if you could claim your loss, you should call Us. We answer your call 24/7 go ahead, try it!

How it Works:

  • You call us: 1-800-815-2110
  • We estimate the loss and give you options in how to proceed
  • If you want to file a claim we sign a retainer agreement 
  • We submit a claim on your behalf and work to get you the maximum recovery
  • YOU decide how much to accept and when to settle 
  • When you recover from the insurance company, you pay Us a percentage of the amount you actually receive
  • If the insurance company doesn’t pay you, you don’t pay us!

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The bottom line is: The insurance company has professionals representing their interests.  YOU should too!